Quality Assurance

We have set a high benchmark for our Quality requirements, to adhere to international norms of our industry and to achieve customer satisfaction.
Our facilities are audited regularly by clients, helping us keep ourselves up to date with the present requirements.


We are in compliance with the following quality standards that are applicable to our industry.

British Retail Consortium - Institute of Packaging

ISO 9001:2015

Pharmaceutical Packaging Standard PS 9000

Having a complete system of Quality Control and Assurance with a dedicated team of trained personnel.


All Material is checked for quality at the time of entering the factory, at every intermediate stage and at the time of leaving as Finished goods. We are constantly upgrading procedures for process improvement and forming new methods of error prevention. We also believe in upgrading ourselves regularly with the correct Quality Equipment as per international norms.

Quality Control Equipment

  • Carton Inspection Machine with 3 Cameras.
  • 3 Colour Spectro Densitometer (LAB & dE).
  • Spectrometer auto scanning device for scanning colour bars. 
  • CIP3 technology on printing machines for accurate release of inks
  • Ink formulation software for accurate reproduction of Pantone colours and other special colours
  • Glosso-meter
  • GSM Checking Machine.
  • Bulk / Caliper checking instrument.
  • Laboratory Hot Air Oven.
  • Rub Resistance Tester (Scuff Tester)
  • Blister Sealing Tester
  • Lamination Peel Tester
  • Bursting Strength Tester
  • Moisture Meter
  • Temperature Gun
  • Desiccator
  • Viscosity Tester
  • Light Booth - multiple lighting conditions.
  • Kurandt inline folder gluer checking system
  • Pharma Sticker Application machine


Yes, you can ask for a colour calibrated digital print which is 80% as per the final output. We will be happy to match pantone colours if you prefer as well.
We provide world class quality packaging material, which consistutes print quality and overall product aesthetics.
The folding cartons are packed in 5 ply shipper boxes. They are suitable for transport and are made to ensure that the material is not damaged inside.
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