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Unit 5, Ground Floor,
Cama Industrial Estate,
Sun Mill compound,
Lower Parel,
Mumbai - 400013,
Maharashtra, India

Phone: + 91 2224901465



We are a growing printing packaging solutions company and are constantly looking for enthusiastic, proactive people to join our team. If you would like to join us, feel free to write to us with your resume, and also mention how you will be able to add value to our organisation.


we have a minimum order quantity of 5000 pieces. However if you require more tailor made solutions feel free to reach out to us.
Our pricing is based on the assumption of regular printing and packaging orders, and yes it is based on the quantities. So the larger the quantity the lower the rate per piece.
Lead time varies due to the complexity of an order, one should estimate for upto 20 days after approval. For regular orders, we work with our client partners on monthly plans for better planning.